Delft Seaways

The Delft Seaways, formerly Maersk Delft, is a RO/PAX ferry built in 2005 at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea.

She operates on the dedicated DFDS Seaways ferry route between Dunkerque and Dover.

delft seaways

Vital statistics

Operated by: DFDS Seaways
Route: Dunkerque - Dover
Built by: Samsung Heavy Industries, South Korea
Formerly: Maersk Delft
Length: 186.65 metres
Width: 28.40 metres
Gross tonnage: 35,293 tons
Speed: 25 knots
Registered: UK


DFDS has learned a lot about style and comfort over 150 years of transporting passengers and cars on its ferries between the UK, Denmark and Holland, and more recently on its cross-channel service between Dover and Dunkirk. More...

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