Travel Tips

Here’s SeaView’s guide to help prevent last-minute travel headaches

  • Don’t leave your booking until the last minute. Prices rarely improve by waiting
  • Make sure you get a reference number when booking. Short crossings are often ticketless so it is important to get a booking reference - and to have it ready when you reach the ferry terminal
  • Booking direct with ferry operators doesn’t necessarily save you money. Agents can often give you a cheaper deal
  • If you want to sail with SeaFrance, then try to get on the Rodin. She is by far the best ship in the fleet
  • Don’t try to pull a fast one by buying a day-trip ticket when you plan to stay longer. Ferry operators have a knack of finding out, and take a very dim view
  • Try to book a ferry that you can make without having to dash. If you miss, you might have to wait a long time for a space to become available on a later sailing. And there’s nothing worse that racing against the clock
  • If you travel with P&O Ferries and you can afford the extra, then treat yourself to the Club Lounge. It’s comfortable, usually quiet, and soft drinks, coffee and tea etc are complimentary
  • Make sure you give the correct details when booking, such as names as they appears on passports, exact length of car etc. It can save vital minutes at check in
  • If there is a handicapped person in your party, then inquire about priority on and off arrangements
  • When you get your tickets, take time to read them carefully ... twice! Mistakes have been known to happen
  • Be aware that, should an emergency arise, Apex bargain tickets are non-refundable, while full price tickets usually are
  • And remember -... you lose an hour on arrival in France, so take this into account when you are considering sailing times

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